Fourth of July Eve


In anticipation of American Independence Day, I have for you some fireworks FYI and some flashback fun.

You may already know a bit about how fireworks do what they do, but if you’ve been content up till now just to crane your neck and watch the flash and sparkle, then these short videos can provide you with some interesting information.

We go first to a quick primer on the chemistry that produces the colors we see in fireworks, and then we’ll get more detail on the whole process that packages and launches all that color into the sky.



After all that explanation of flash, a flashback. My post from an earlier July fourth has a comic that’s just as good the second time around, and benefits from the accompanying intro, so I’ll send you to see it here.


Inside a firework shell


The homemade fireworks display I’ve got for you as a preview to tomorrow’s festivities is a timelapse that El Guapo put together a few years ago in Spain. While we’re there, our fireworks experiences attach to different (and frequent!) holidays, most notably Las Fallas, but we can certainly borrow a little of that sound and color to get ourselves ready:



Since I won’t see you tomorrow, Happy Fourth of July! Here’s hoping there’s watermelon in it for you.


watermelon star


[Image:, Len Villano at,]

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