Fourth of July Eve

watermelon starIn anticipation of American Independence Day, I have for you some fireworks FYI and some flashback fun. [Read more]

Another beginning to something that never ends

Banners of the flag of the Communitat Valenciana criss-cross streets, and the air begins to smell of deep-frying, as street vendors set up to provide churros, buñuelos, and more. [More….]


mascleta setupWe’ve spent a lot of the last week in the “during” phase of fireworks and explosions. The “after” evidence is all over the ground, both in scorch marks and great quantities of burned paper bits and melted plastic. I’ve also learned to spot the “immediately before” signs–huddles of young men in the courtyard, children squatting on the sidewalk holding what looks like a flexible foam rope lit on one end[More….]