Dragged back into the dark

220px-RingstrilogyposterWe’ve been drowning in a Lord of the Rings marathon for a while at our house. I know some people would say it’s only a marathon if you start at the beginning of Fellowship and watch until the Return of the King final credits roll, only pausing occasionally to scribble a few notes in dwarf runes and nibble some Lembas bread.[More….]

You can learn anything.

jaredSome of you know that my oldest son worked this summer as an intern for Khan Academy. Their stated mission is to provide “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” If you think that’s all very well, but not really relevant to you, I challenge you to try to hold on to that opinion once you’ve seen this 91 second video.[More….]

You’re probably not going to believe me on this.

Happy Money coverI have a sort of weird, complicated relationship with money. Details on that I’ll save for another day; for now, here’s an opinion that’s neither weird nor complicated. I find the idea that you can buy happiness to be highly suspect, and perhaps you do, too. I think we’re not alone, which is why the assertion that “money can buy happiness–if you spend it right” makes a good teaser for the book[More….]