Listen: Stomp!

Not only does this make me want to bang on some things–it makes we want to sit in a comfortable harness and swing back and forth while banging on some things. [Read more]


Turning ’round the house

German windmillWith all that’s new and exciting in the world these days, 21st century humans might begin to think that almost every truly remarkable innovation has happened on our watch. Look! We’ve got carbon nanotubes! Self-driving cars! 3-D printed food! I don’t want to take away from these modern marvels, but I have to say, while we were in Germany recently, we saw a wonder that could turn the world around. [More….]

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Decorative_cake_in_shape_of_a_present,_with_large_orange_bowSometimes in the course of learning a new language it can seem like you’re in over your head. You work on your vocabulary, you listen hard to the nuances of the accent. Even if you seem to do well with your flashcards, when it comes to listening to the language spoken, and especially when you’re being addressed by someone talking at lightning speed, you think you may drown. But then, miraculously, you hear a word you recognize![More….]