An album cover in search of an album

It quickly became clear that the process is fairly involved, so I’ll show you images, toss in some terms, perhaps wave my hand vaguely, and then pass along any requests that you might make for a more detailed description of his process. [Read more]

Art to Share: Mikko Lagerstedt

8c44ad9f958ae81ba3f70783018c6423Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt chose the phrase “capturing emotion of places through photographs” as a way to sum up what he’s about with his work. He’s certainly doing that. I feel that he’s doing so much more, as well, but I’m not finding words for it all. [More….]

Art to Share

tumblr_mq3tr8isyp1r1bfd7o1_1280Though el Guapo is the only artist I’m married to, he’s not the only artist I count as a friend, or whose work I enjoy. I’m planning a series that will feature works by various artists–some personal friends, some admired from afar, some just starting out, some well established. From time to time I’ll highlight paintings, photographs, illustrations, etc. that have something to say to me, because art can give us something we didn’t know we were missing.[More….]