Rapt in raps

800px-Vincent_van_Gogh_(1853-1890)_-_Wheat_Field_with_Crows_(1890)I imagine that as long as there have been landscape painters, there have been attempts to capture the serene and comforting scene of a field of ripening whatever. I don’t know why it has such a powerful pull on our minds. Maybe it comes from the human brainstem and its primitive focus on whatever is needed for survival,[More….]

Making more Germany

sheepLast Monday we walked into the North Sea. Most of the water was elsewhere at the time, so though we got tremendously muddy, we didn’t get very wet. We had explained to Ninja about the tides going out and coming back in, but he was unclear about the time frame, so every few minutes he’s say, “I think I see the water coming. Quick! we’d better head back.” We assured him we had looked up the timetable and we had 6 hours before the tide would be high. He thought maybe someone could have made a mistake with the schedule.[More….]

Sunset over the fjord

800px-Kiel_Ellerbek_01The city of Kiel, our current residence, surrounds the end of a fjord–not the elaborate Norwegian kind (remember Slartibartfast’s pride in having created their lovely crinkly edges in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?), but a fjord nonetheless. Last evening we went down to the water’s edge in the village of Mönkeberg, to see what we could see.[More….]


junket bigI’m a lover of words, and am happy to find new ones to add to my stash, as well as opportunities to use unusual ones that I’ve had tucked away. As we are about to leave for Germany to visit my oldest daughter and her husband, I poked around in my word satchel to see if I had anything that might serve the purpose. I thought of “junket,” which seemed [More….]


girl hair sky 002Decisions about whether to get my hair cut usually involve the theater. Depending on the role I’m currently playing, I may need to keep my hair long, so I check to see when auditions are, or talk with my director. I don’t have that issue to consider currently–I’m flying below the radar[More….]