For the want of a horseshoe nail

The rider of the proverb probably never existed, but if he did, he’s unlikely to have left us any accessible detailed introspection, so we’ll never know whether he checked that horseshoe or not. [Read more]


“In which they put a dead snake in my car for my 20th birthday”

Missionaries are involved in serving and teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ most of every day, but Monday is their day to do the laundry, get groceries, clean their apartment, and, if circumstances require it, skin snakes. [Read more]

Mission call at last

18814909ee395cffbfeb4644b0b9a333I was overly optimistic the last time I mentioned Loquita’s coming mission call, so I decided I wouldn’t post about it until I heard the envelope being ripped open (even if over the phone) and there was actual news to spread. Last night at a little before midnight I awoke befuddled to hear the little ding-ding sound pattern that told us someone was ready for a video conference [More….]