indexYou tell me if you think I was astonished for no good reason, or if this is actually amazing. Yesterday I was fishing for my keys to let myself into our apartment building in the Grau neighborhood of Valencia, when the cartero [More….]

Understanding celebrity in Tomorrowland

tomorrowland-poster-disneyI’m at a computer in the library at Berklee Valencia, which faces out on the Hemisfèric. About half an hour ago several closed black Mercedes vans arrived, along with other fancy black Mercedes sedans with very tinted windows. They drove past us, around and down the access to the Hemisfèric, which was then cordoned off and guarded. Nothing much happened for a while, and then there was some screaming, and various people running past my window and over to the clump in front of the cordon. Then there was some more screaming [More….]