Thanksgiving in prison

PrisonI have a friend in prison. At some point years ago, before I met him, he made some choices that are hard to imagine now, but that may have seemed like a good idea at the time. [More….]

Le mot juste*

Photo-Contest-Huge-Websters-Fossaceca-3-300x169If you’ve ever hefted and carried an unabridged English dictionary around for a while, you know that we’ve got plenty of words to call upon when we speak or write. Out of idle curiosity, I thought I’d try to get a sense for just how many. [More….]

Art to Share

tumblr_mq3tr8isyp1r1bfd7o1_1280Though el Guapo is the only artist I’m married to, he’s not the only artist I count as a friend, or whose work I enjoy. I’m planning a series that will feature works by various artists–some personal friends, some admired from afar, some just starting out, some well established. From time to time I’ll highlight paintings, photographs, illustrations, etc. that have something to say to me, because art can give us something we didn’t know we were missing.[More….]