The Images

The photos used in my notes come from a variety of sources. Many of the photos were taken by El Guapo, my husband. If he weren’t busy doing all kinds of other things, he’d probably enjoy spending more time on the taking and tweeking of photos. Sometimes I whisk photo files out of his hands before he’s had a chance to ready them to his exacting standards, so if you notice a horizon line not quite straight, it’s probably my fault, not his. I’m grateful for his help and his patience.

The current image in the header is a photo taken by my daughter Loquita (not her real name, as you know by now), meerkats at the bioparc in Valencia, Spain. They’re all quite intent on what’s going on–in their case it was the movements of some amazing giraffes. I may not have quite that expression on my own face, but nevertheless I’m paying close attention to a host of different things, and writing about them for you in my notes.


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