The horns of a dilemma

cow2I recently picked up a recording of Barbara Kingsolver’s 2012 novel Flight Behavior, and now I find myself on the horns of a dilemma. I began listening to the recording and didn’t make it past the fourth sentence before I had to backtrack and listen again–the language is that good[More….]

Lemon curd update–now even easier!

lemon-curdSince the lemon curd recipe I offered in this post was an easy favorite, I didn’t anticipate revisiting the subject with something even easier, but that’s what I’m here to do today. If you have a lemon and about 7 minutes, you probably have what you need to bring some luscious lemon-ness into your very near future.[More….]

El Guapo up in lights

marqueeYou can imagine that because el Guapo is not only my official blog photographer but also my husband, my opinion about his work may not be entirely impartial. So it’s nice when other people decide that his artistic creations ought to have a wider audience. That has definitely happened–the audience can now be very wide, as the display of that artwork is 80 feet tall [More….]


1280px-Indian_pigmentsKnowing that it’s hard to tell whether the color you’re seeing on a paint chip is going to be gorgeous on your wall at home, paint companies sell those little jars so you can swatch. They recommend that you paint a section of your wall, perhaps the size of a poster, and live with it for a couple of days. I’ve just never seen that done on this scale before[More….]

The things they sell at the mall

milk-vending-cow small We are not mall-going folk, as a rule. Most of us avoid shopping in general and malls in particular. Our time in Valencia proved an exception to this rule, because the closest grocery store to our apartment happened to be in a mall. But because we don’t go to malls elsewhere, it’s hard for me to say whether the unusual things we found in Spain are just unusual to us, but commonplace to seasoned mall-goers, or whether these displays are truly out of the ordinary. [More….]

Doing vs Talking

Talk doesn't cook rice.I’ve been aware of the paradox that surrounds Doing vs Talking-about-Doing for a long time. I certainly felt the paradox as I was trying to keep a balance between doing/seeing/learning about interesting things in Spain and at the same time describing/explaining/celebrating those things with you. And it took me quite a while to publish my last post because I was so busy working on the doing; the talking (writing) had to wait. It was only after I had heard the little sound of the last jar of jam making its seal [More….]