Small town in a big city

vlc-cityPerhaps excluding a brief period as a toddler, I have never lived in a really small town. Before coming to Valencia, I had never lived in a big city. In some ways, I’m now living in both. [More….]


Street market, Cabanyal

Cart-Smart-Rolling-Shopping-Bag-1 We went out this morning to see if we could find one of the street markets that set up each day of the week in a different neighborhood of Valencia. I stopped a couple of women out with their rolling shopping carts and asked for guidance. [More….]

You’re probably not going to believe me on this.

Happy Money coverI have a sort of weird, complicated relationship with money. Details on that I’ll save for another day; for now, here’s an opinion that’s neither weird nor complicated. I find the idea that you can buy happiness to be highly suspect, and perhaps you do, too. I think we’re not alone, which is why the assertion that “money can buy happiness–if you spend it right” makes a good teaser for the book[More….]