Dispatches from the Madrid Airport

madrid airport[Note from the editor: while your intrepid Spanish correspondent and her co-travelers are no longer in the Madrid airport, and have since finished their 20-hour-plus trek across six time zones and four airports, we bring this dispatch to you, a mix of narrative and non sequitur, to help you feel that you are there without the bedraggling discomfort and inconvenience of actually being there.][More….]

Bang for the Bark

dog door During our first months in Spain it was impossible not to notice the frantically barking dog in the apartment near the stairwell that led to the clothesline on the roof. It seemed like every time I went to hang or retrieve laundry, the dog had a great deal of noise pent up that had to be broadcast. It was one of those little irritations. More remarkable than the sound energy rolling off of the dog and through the closed apartment door [More….]

Turning ’round the house

German windmillWith all that’s new and exciting in the world these days, 21st century humans might begin to think that almost every truly remarkable innovation has happened on our watch. Look! We’ve got carbon nanotubes! Self-driving cars! 3-D printed food! I don’t want to take away from these modern marvels, but I have to say, while we were in Germany recently, we saw a wonder that could turn the world around. [More….]