Westward Ho!

We’re at the last gasp on packing up the truck, what we usually refer to as the fists-full-of-wire-hangers stage, except that we made sure to get rid of all the hangers before now. Still, it’s a bit of a mess, and taking every brain cell I’ve got, so I’ll sign off for a bit. By […]

Sorting on steroids

  We humans are really good at sorting. From an early age, kids can gather their blocks into one pile and get the little animals into another. And it can be soothing–it’s usually easy to figure out what constitutes success, and you can pick up one little thing at a time. Still, as I contemplate […]

And I quote: E.E. Cummings

  I’ve got a waste aversion streak a mile wide in my personality–I try to make sure that everything gets used up and not thrown away prematurely, I love to hear of something rescued from ruin and given a second chance to serve its purpose, and I get a twitch watching someone run the water […]