Dispatches from the Istanbul Airport

the-call-to-prayer.jpg!BlogIstanbul actually has two airports: Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side of the Bosphorus Strait, about which I know nothing, and Atatürk Airport on the European side of things,* in which we’ve spent a substantial amount of time, all told.[More….]

Only the Gringos speak Spanish here.

Flag-Pins-USA-SpainThat seems like kind of a crazy thing to say, I know. But if by Spanish you mean the language they speak in Spain, there just isn’t a single language that meets that definition. [More….]

Dangerous decorations


I borrowed a baby at church yesterday.* Sitting not far from me was a young mom from Bolivia with 8-month-old twin boys. She had one baby in her arms and the other beside her in a double-wide stroller, poised to begin complaining, so I offered to take the first. I knew from a stint I had done previously walking the halls with him (or his brother—no hope of telling) that he would be heavy, and I was so right. [More….]