The Dutch Reach

The Dutch don’t call it the Dutch Reach, but it’s a move that’s become commonplace throughout the country, [Read more]

Twice bitten

stolen-bikeThis is a feeling I don’t want to be getting used to—the sinking feeling that comes when you see the empty space where your bike is supposed to be, accompanied by the recognition that someone has figuratively poked you in the eye. [More….]

Looking for the bright side

The scene of the crimeValencia is a very walkable city, but walking can only get us so far, so fast. Accordingly, we’ve been working on getting access to bicycles. We have several options. Valencia has an extensive bike-sharing network called Valenbisi (a clever combination of “Valencia,” “bici”, a nickname for bicycle, and “sí,” or “Valencia-bike-yes!”) There are ranks of bikes parked at many street corners ready for you to rent; you pick it up at one place [More…]