Ritual dance of the compact cars

The sidewalks are wide and the streets are narrow. I paced off the width of their street, and my highly scientific measurements (calibrated with a sheet of A4 paper)[Read more]

Dispatches from the Madrid airport

Four in the morning is generally not a good time, whether you’re coming at it from a long night, or meeting it as the start of what will likely be an unconscionably long day. [Read more]

Dispatches from the Madrid Airport

madrid airport[Note from the editor: while your intrepid Spanish correspondent and her co-travelers are no longer in the Madrid airport, and have since finished their 20-hour-plus trek across six time zones and four airports, we bring this dispatch to you, a mix of narrative and non sequitur, to help you feel that you are there without the bedraggling discomfort and inconvenience of actually being there.][More….]