He is the gift

If Christmas is something you care about, odds are good that you’ve got a few things going on right now, so this will be brief. Here’s a short video to help us keep things in perspective, whether we’re finishing projects or beginning festivities. [More….]


sunsetjwhatcottI’ve got several posts at various stages in the draft process–I’m waiting to add pictures to some, trying to figure out the direction of others, and working on polishing the language of still others. But the last bit of editing I did was not on one of my own pieces; it was on el Guapo’s eulogy for his father, who died on Friday. He was 95. [More….]

The perils of vocabulary migration

640px-Arctic_terns [Editor’s note: of course I wasn’t going to string you along–this is the post for which the last post was preparing you. If you read it, you’re all set. If you know the lion tamer’s sketch, you’re all set. If neither is true, but you’re in the mood to wing it, you’re all set!] [More….]

Laying the groundwork

A_lion_tamer_at_Bertram_Mills_Touring_Circus,_Ascot_(3588573761)Even though I’m the one doing most of the talking in these posts (though I’m very grateful for your comments–keep them coming!), I sometimes wish we could have more of a conversation. When I’m talking about an idea, I’d like to be able to draw on things we both know, and to make connections between what we’re talking about and information or experiences that will bring the point home. If I’m making the current point, [More….]