Dead-centered holidays

In many English-speaking countries, the original name, Dia de Muertos, became Dia de los Muertos, through a process called back translation– [Read more]

Another beginning to something that never ends

Banners of the flag of the Communitat Valenciana criss-cross streets, and the air begins to smell of deep-frying, as street vendors set up to provide churros, buñuelos, and more. [More….]

Moving the couch

800px-Mormon_Tabernacle_Choir_and_Organ It’s General Conference weekend for members of the Mormon church. This happens twice a year, and gives anyone who is interested the chance to listen to talks by the president of the church and members of the council of twelve apostles, as well as other general leaders of the church. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs, crowds of people converge on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, and the conference center fills up the 21,200 seats of its largest auditorium. Exciting as all this is, the most memorable parts [More….]