Lemon curd update–now even easier!

lemon-curdSince the lemon curd recipe I offered in this post was an easy favorite, I didn’t anticipate revisiting the subject with something even easier, but that’s what I’m here to do today. If you have a lemon and about 7 minutes, you probably have what you need to bring some luscious lemon-ness into your very near future.[More….]


mom oofLast night I felt the Ooof that comes from being hit low when you realize that someone is angry with you, and you’re not sure what to do next. A parenting choice made at least 4 years ago appears still to rankle the affected offspring, but after apologizing (again) and recognizing that there’s no going back or undoing (even if that made sense), I’m left with various neurotransmitters and hormones sloshing about, and the opportunity to think about managing my reactions to bad news.[More….]