The many moving parts of Las Fallas

We’ve watched people making cooking fires in the streets, laying on the big, shallow paelleras and sprinkling handfuls of rice into the meat and broth mixture simmering its way to becoming the best kind of paella [More….]

Burning them all down, 2015

lightsLast year I had a front row seat (or 13th floor window) for the spectacle that is the Valencian festival of Las Fallas. From the early morning fireworks in late February through the daily explosions, marching bands, stunning costumes, and mountains of flowers, to the building-sized fallas sculptures destined to become huge pillars of fire, right on through to the post-bonfire haze of smoke drifting over the city, it was a weeks-long experience never to be forgotten. [More….]

Center Stage

Falla-MosesThis is the falla in the center of Valencia. El Guapo got quite a good picture, I think (even better than the main view on the Wikipedia entry for Falles, but then I’m a bit biased). As this is our first time in Valencia for Las Fallas, we’re not sure how everything works, but we’ve been told this is the last one to burn tomorrow night. Whatever the order, Moses and about 370 other fallas will all be burning down soon.