First off, I’m ambivalent about the whole “about” thing, I guess. I am the type of person who shies away from being described as a particular type of person. There are lots of things I do that I really enjoy (acting, cooking, sewing, knitting, writing, singing, reading, laughing, leading a discussion, sharing things I’ve learned), but after reading that list, you may still not know much about me.

Perhaps it would tell you more to say that my extreme sport of choice is radical frugality, and that as much as I love a good story, I’m skittish around too much plot-thickening unless I trust the author to take care of me. I have a freakish memory for phone numbers. Days of the week, months, letters, and numbers have colors for me. I’ve got one great husband, five great kids (plus two wonderful in-laws). And I’m a Mormon. Questions? Drop me a line.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah now I recognise you – you’re the lady with the Bremen bridge cosies! – I was fascinated by them (and other yarnstorming – plus I have a brother in Bremen); I love the idea, though I can’t knit a bean myself. And your photo here is actually equally stunning!

    • So glad you like it. Next time you’re in Bremen, I can give you directions to the bridge with the cosies–it’s just down the river a bit from the LDS church. I don’t know how long knitting lasts in German weather, but if those have gone the way of the world, perhaps the knitter will have renewed them!

      • Sadly I’ve not yet been to Bremen, but I am determined to get to Europe at some point and would love to see any yarnstorming going! It’s such a public-minded thing to do – it must take so much time, but makes the world just that much cosier 🙂

  2. Lori I enjoyed your list of German vs. English cognates and my German husband and I had a fun pop quiz after reading about them

    • So glad to hear it! I’ll get working on a list of Spanish cognates sometime soon. If you remember any I should make sure to include, send them along–

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