Library Valentines

I really like going to the library, both physically and digitally. I’m in a couple of book groups, and today I went online to look for a book I might choose when it’s my turn to lead a discussion. Before I went hunting in earnest I scrolled down the main catalog page, where I saw a collection of recently acquired audiobooks, then recently acquired ebooks, followed by new magazines and then new videos. Right below that was a category I hadn’t expected, labeled Malfunctioning Shirt Romance.

I don’t know if this category has been on the webpage for long, or if it’s just there to provide some Valentine’s humor, but it definitely did the trick. And look, both Duke of Desire and The Captive are available to borrow, no waiting!

My attention is not generally caught by malfunctioning shirts, but El Guapo did his best to turn my head with a little photo editing:



If this weekend has romance in store for you, that’s wonderful. I hope you’ll have a chance for some good laughs, as well!

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