Art to Share: Ágnes Herczeg


It’s been some time since I focused on art in a blog post—perhaps too long. I found this artist today, and immediately began plans to bring her to you.

Agnes Herczeg is a Hungarian artist who lives and works in a small town near the River Danube. Many aspects of her work caught my attention: the scale (so small!), the medium (homespun), the method (how exactly is something like this accomplished?), the patience it no doubt requires (off the charts!), and finally, the effect on me—I just feel soothed and centered by these simple miniature scenes.

I’ve selected several images to share from a post at My Modern Met. After you check that out, by all means go see her website, where you can see many more examples of her work, and even watch a few videos, which shed some light on her methods. 









One idea I take away from my contemplation of her work is how much poorer we would all be if we somehow believed that important art is limited to certain kinds of works or certain genres or media. I don’t know whether Herczeg works in other materials, or has ever had ambitions to paint a 20-foot canvas; I’m just glad she has developed her collection of tiny views and is willing to share them with us.




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