Vocabulary word for the day

Is this a word you feel confident employing?

I have both heard it and read it, but I can’t remember a time in my own speech or writing when I chose it over a more familiar synonym.

I bring this specimen to you today for a couple of reasons: It’s true that I have a general desire to increase our collective familiarity with interesting words. But I chose it at this time, during the most contentious election season in my memory, because I hope that we can avoid the need to use it in our near future. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for us to share in some truth and reconciliation, and begin to come together with common purpose, despite the divisiveness we’ve all been feeling of late?

I don’t for a minute believe that all our disagreements will go away, or that there is an election outcome that will calm all worries, allay all fears. Indeed, the outcome I most fervently desire is the one that someone else most deeply fears. But I can’t help feeling that working ourselves up into a lather against others who disagree with us, and inveighing against them, are actions that will drive us further away from the future we need.

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