The promise that “it’ll all pass”


I saw a video today that made me feel hopeful, and helped to answer a question that I think many of us have been asking: What more can we do to make a positive difference at this most strange and difficult time?

We’ve probably all been doing some things that we feel can contribute to the slow of the spread of the coronavirus: washing our hands, staying home, distancing when we have to go out, working to keep connected and to give comfort where we can.

In addition to social distancing, I’ve been gradually distancing myself from the incessant news coverage I run into at every turn, to give myself a break. I’ve been particularly discouraged to recognize how much misinformation is being created, and how fast and far it spreads. The harm that false ideas and conspiracy theories do continues to grow, and there’s no amount of staying home or washing my hands (even when done to music) that can make a difference there.

This video gives a quick take on the situation:


This is an effort we can support that could make a difference. Check out Verified, a way to cut through the confusion and get to information that will help us get through the pandemic.* Learn more about Verified’s purpose here. If you can, share this on social media.


The video’s last speaker is clearly someone who has lived a long life and seen a great many things. I’ll keep returning to her voice (and delightful accent!) reassuring us that “It’ll all pass.”




*Verified is an effort spearheaded by the United Nations. If you’ve been taught that the United Nations is itself a vast conspiracy, you may be hesitant to pay attention to this. Get in touch at [noteslori [at] gmail], and let me see if there’s anything I can say to change your mind.


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