Maybe you have to be Canadian.

Is it cold where you are? I don’t use the word “literally” quite as freely as some do, but when I stepped out to run some errands yesterday, the icy wind literally took my breath away.

I’m not a sun worshipper or someone who yearns for the tropics—there are lots of things about winter that I find appealing. But I wouldn’t say I’m likely to become passionately devoted to any particular winter activity.

Still, I have discovered a new one that seems likely to win a prize for originality, even if it doesn’t tempt me to take part.



What is going on here? This is an entry in the International Hair Freezing Contest, held in Yukon, Canada, at Takhini Hot Springs.

The water is nice and warm, entering the soaking pools from the hot springs at about 108° F, dropping to about 99° F in the pool itself. From what I read in this article, an air temperature of -4° F or lower makes it possible to create the hairdos we see here. When bathers have documented their ‘do, they dunk underwater to thaw their hair out, at which point it freezes again, I guess, while people make their way to shelter. I don’t doubt there are stranger things people do, but this is likely to hold the top spot in my mind for at least a little while.







If you want your frozen locks to be considered for this year’s contest, you have until March 8th to get that picture. Takhini Hot Springs would be glad to give you more details.

As for me and my winter activities, I’ll be keeping it much more tame. We had some fun sledding in Heber Valley last weekend, and I also got out on some snowshoes, an activity I’d like to do more of. When I do, I’ll be dressing so that no part of me freezes if I can help it.

Post-sledding with El Guapo


[Images: six from, two from El Guapo]

4 thoughts on “Maybe you have to be Canadian.

    • They are, aren’t they? My sisters and I used to do some fun hair sculpting with shampoo foam when we were little, but this takes the endeavor to a whole new level!

    • It’s a very fun place. There are round cabins or yurts where my sisters and their families were staying, so there was a place to warm up as needed. Utah lends itself to lots of good outside activities 🙂

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