Listen at Christmas: Andrej Makor


As December posts for the last three years have focused mostly on Christmas music, you may wonder what has taken me so long to bring you something to listen to. I won’t cause further waiting by introspecting on the topic, but instead present you with a recording by the BYU Singers of “O Emmanuel,” composed by a young Slovenian composer, Andrej Makor.*



You can find Christmas music posts from previous years in a few different ways: put “listen at Christmas” in the search bar, click “Christmas Music” in the tag cloud at the right, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on December 2018, December 2017 or December 2016, or use the links below. There are a few non-musical posts mixed in, but the majority will be Christmas listening.


December 2016, December 2017, December 2018


I’m interested in hearing about your Christmas music favorites. Tell me about them in the comments.



*Part of the delay has been hunting for the text of the piece; I’ve had no luck, but am just going ahead. It’s not as if the primary purpose of the song is to convey details through lyrics. Just close your eyes and let the music enter.


[Images:, Shannon Henriksen at Unsplash]


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