Newly Oma

In late July my plans to travel to Europe reminded me that many Europeans take the month of August off. In that spirit, my posts for August drew from the archives. We’ve made it to September now, and people around me are back at work, and you might expect me to have quite a number of pent-up posts ready to burst forth.

But two very interesting things happened in the past several days: my oldest son and his wife had their first baby, and my oldest daughter and her husband had their first baby. Birth number one, because it happened on my home continent, promises delightful future encounters. Birth number two, because it happened before my eyes, and because the baby’s velvety skin is within easy reach, is filling me right up, and confirming all that I had heard about becoming a grandparent.

Accordingly, I predict that my posting schedule for the next little while may be somewhat variable. I’m sure I’ll be noticing things and writing about them. But I’m prepared to be flexible about when my notes make it to you. If you have cause to ask yourself, “I wonder what’s going on with Lori and her blog?” you can picture me nuzzling a newborn and nurturing some new parents.

[Image: Yours Truly]

2 thoughts on “Newly Oma

  1. What a lovely photo, Lori. Many, many congratulations on two new grand babies. Hopefully they’ll meet each other at some point. You are definitely going to love being an “Oma”. Thanks for the news!

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