Pleasing poetic patterns

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed sharing an occasional poem with you. Today I’m going more general, with a TED Ed animation that provides some insight into a few of the ways that poetry creates its effects. I imagine the artwork will also surprise you with just how much expression can be conveyed through a small number of deceptively haphazard lines.


What do you think? Does connecting our preference for pattern in poetry to some of the basic patterns in our physical lives make sense to you?



Now that you’re thinking of poetic patterns, if you want to go back and review any of the poetry we’ve shared together, you can start with the links below.

Au revoir, Mary Oliver, and hello.

Poetry, but not right now

And I quote: Brian Billston

Animating Shakespeare’s poetry

There’s a poem for that.

And I quote: Langston Hughes

Wendell Berry: The Real Work

Raise your library voice

I carry your heart with me

[Images: Avi Ofer at]

2 thoughts on “Pleasing poetic patterns

  1. Mm, I like that explanation 🙂
    There’s also a lot of focus on and support for rhythm and repetition in the Waldorf philosophy 🙂

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