Art to Share: Lee Jae-Hyo

I have been a tree lover* throughout my life—I love to look at them, walk among them, climb them, and enjoy their shade. In our home in New England, we took the narrow trunk of a tree we had to take down and used it as a way to climb up to the living room loft.

Because I subscribe to the “found materials” school of interior decor, I don’t do much conscious decorating. If I did deliberately choose things from a wide array of options, I’d lean toward wood.

It’s no surprise, then, that this collection of sculptures and furniture by Korean artist Lee Jae-Hyo† appealed to me.







sculptures of wood by Jae-Hyo Lee


Curious about how these are made? Here’s a video that gives a flavor of the method involved.


As is so often the case with works of art, the finished piece looks so right and polished that it gives the impression that the work to bring it about was somehow effortless. (Just goes to show how ignorant I am about the creative process.) As we see from the video, it was anything but.

You can find more from Lee Jae-Hyo here.

*I’m a tree hugger, as well, with all that that implies.
†He’s called Jae-Hyo Lee in American publications that I’ve seen, but in Korean, family names are followed by given names, so I’ve used that order.

[Images: Lee Jae-Hyo via]

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