The myth that built the modern world


Last week I posted a video that gives a sense of the demographic makeup of the US, to help us see what’s going on in the nation. Today I’ve got a video that examines the idea of nations, and why we think about them the way we do. In fact, it argues that national identity is made up. How can that be, you ask? Max Fisher is going to shed some light on the subject.



There are a lot of things in the video that I found arresting. For example, the idea that experimental subjects who felt bad to see Rocky beaten by the Russian fighter felt better after they said something insulting about Russians–that explains so much about playground fights, school rivalries, and the current American president.

How do we get out from under that tendency? How do we spread the feeling that such an impulse must be struggled against rather than indulged?


[Image: the Interpreter (NYT)]


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