If the US were a village of 100 people


You are probably familiar with the phrase, “as American as apple pie.” You may have heard someone go on at length (probably during a political speech, or near July 4th) about what America stands for, or what it means to be an American. But how much do you know about actual Americans, demographically speaking?

Here’s a video* to help us wrap our heads around a bunch of information about Americans, by showing us a number of proportions in a group of 100 people.


Was there anything here that surprised you? Are there comparisons you didn’t see that would be helpful to know about? Personally, it would be very interesting to see what various regions of the country are like, using the same 100-people simplification.


Of course, baseball comes into the picture for many Americans, too.


*The video was published in 2016, but given that the proportions we’ve just seen smooth everything out by reducing the total to 100 people, I’m assuming that the relationships will have remained roughly the same. From what I can tell, the voting data from 2016 shows that almost 60% of eligible voters showed up to the polls, only two points above the figure from the video. That still puts us in about 31st place in voter turnout among world democracies.

[Images: tastytouring.com, acculturated.com]

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