Do you resolve?


I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions. I haven’t thought too much about why that is, but I could speculate. Maybe I think that I’m always trying to improve, and building a starting gate over the turning of a calendar page doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Or maybe I’m just contrary, and don’t want to be jumping onto a crowded bandwagon.

In an article by Jess Zafarris at Writer’s Digest I learned about a medieval New Year’s resolution tradition known as the Vow of the Peacock. Charles Dickens wrote about the custom, describing a feast that featured a roasted peacock as the main event. Peacocks were said to represent, “by the splendour and variety of their colours, the majesty of kings during the middle ages.” After each knight made his vow of chivalry to the peacock, it was carved up and served to the knights in attendance.

Just because I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions in the past doesn’t mean I can’t be persuaded. What’s your take on the tradition? Is it one that you find useful? Do you do something else that works better for you?

Whether or not we get formal about it, I can recommend an article that presents some valuable ideas for making progress in the parenting realm in 2019. If you’re not a parent, I think these ideas could be effectively adapted to improving other close relationships, too. I’d be interested to find out what you think of them.

The backside of the peacock featured above. This view lets you see Loquita, Liebling and Ninja, from several years back.

[Images: El Guapo]

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