Who’s really out there?


I sometimes wonder, when I hit “publish,” what really happens next. I know a certain number of you get each blog post through email or twitter, or through some other auto-delivery system. I don’t actually know how many people fit that category, and whether some of those posts are just hanging out in inboxes, unopened and undisturbed.

I don’t know, for instance, how many of you saw the unfinished Chanticleer post that mistakenly launched this morning due to egregious user error (or user “set-it-up-before-Christmas-week-intending-to-put-finishing-touches-on-then-entirely-fail”). If I could reach surreptitiously into your inbox (in a not-creepy way) and slip that post out unnoticed, I’d be glad to–you’re not supposed to see the messiness behind the curtain.

I know that mistakes are sometimes valuable. Misprinted stamps are the really expensive ones–the¬†Swedish Treskilling Yellow (which was supposed to be printed in green) is extraordinarily valuable for its size and weight, having sold a few years ago for the equivalent of about two million dollars.

If the presence in your inbox a messed-up blog post that was hastily replaced with the corrected version could somehow provide you with a substantial fortune, that would be so great! As it is, it will probably just point out to you that my editorial process needs revising, or at the very least that posts right around major holidays might be wild cards. (The corrected post is at the blog.)

While we’re having this little backstage chat, I’d love to hear if you have any requests for 2019–are there types of posts I’ve done in the past that I haven’t done lately, and that you’d like to see more of?

Feel free to check in with me so I know you’re out there–and thanks for your interest in Lori Notes!

[Image: Wikipedia]

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