Listen: The Turtle Island Quartet

The Turtle Island Quartet (Photo by Crystal Broussard)

Our September move brought us to Utah Valley, on the Wasatch front of the Rocky Mountains. I lived not far from here during my teen years, so the area is familiar to me, but there have been many changes in the past few decades. As such, there are lots of things to discover, and we’re enjoying the process of getting to know our new home.*

For instance, our local library has hosted two outstanding free concerts this week, and it’s only Wednesday. Tonight’s performance was by the Turtle Island Quartet, an internationally renowned group of musicians that explore and meld a variety of genres, and are not afraid to apply jazz-style improvisation to works by composers ranging from J.S. Bach to Bob Dylan. I don’t have a recording of any of the pieces they played tonight, but I include here a piece that will give you a feel for the type of interweaving we enjoyed at the concert. It begins in a way that seems predictable, but don’t be fooled.



The Turtle Island Quartet plays Friday night at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts in Denver, and December 8th at the Meany Center in Seattle. If you’re near either place, you might check them out.

Tonight’s performance at our local library


*It seems a little strange to me that I spent decades in the Boston area (self-proclaimed hub of the universe) not getting out of the house much, and now, living in a place that most people have never heard of, I seem to be surrounded by opportunities for cultural enrichment. I didn’t mention that for my one non-concert evening this week I attended a talk by a prominent San Francisco-area painter who had arrived that morning from China. I won’t deny that seemingly mundane factors like free time, free parking and being past the stage of needing to arrange for a babysitter all contribute. I won’t spend time lamenting opportunities in the past that I missed, but instead enjoy the current opportunities that I’m finding.


[Images: Crystal Broussard, El Guapo]

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