Dead-centered holidays


A cemetery decorated for Dia de los Muertos. The yellow blossoms are Aztec marigolds.


It’s Halloween today, and Dia de los Muertos* (Day of the Dead) is celebrated tomorrow and the next day, so I’ve been thinking about the traditions that gave rise to the customs I see around me at this season. If you’re interested in the history of Halloween, National Geographic did a short video explainer that you can find here. I’ve also included a National Geographic video below on Dia de los Muertos, followed by an animated short that I enjoyed.



This via Huffington Post:


Finally, I remembered a little video experiment that El Guapo filmed several years ago, and because it features pumpkins, it can take us out today. If you’re not familiar with the Elton John lyric near the end, the line is, “Love lies bleeding in my hand.” Happy Dead-centered holidays!



*Wikipedia tells me that in many English-speaking countries, the original name, Dia de Muertos, became Dia de los Muertos, through a process called back translation–when something is translated into another language, then translated back to the original language. Things don’t always look quite the same afterwards.


Dia de Muertos featured in an elaborate sculpture in this year’s Valencian Fallas celebration.


[Images: National Geographic, Yours Truly]

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