Dispatches from the Heartland


We’re on day four of a five-day road trip to the Rocky Mountains. While we’ve had some nice visits with friends and family, the actual driving parts seem to be turning into a curious collage in my head: billboards, mile markers, interstate signs, gas station bathrooms, random munchies and accompanying crumbs, with motor vibration running beneath it all.

To read a blow-by-blow account of a cross-country drive would be almost as difficult as making the drive itself, so instead I’ll include some songs from what ended up as our “Crossing Ohio” set list, things we sang to pass the time and keep us from getting sleepy. These are a few that our family has sung over the years. Do you recognize any of them?

I’ll Fly Away
Black Socks
Jinkin the Jester
Country Life
Lamb and Lion
Sheep Shearing Song

We also sang a few Sacred Harp songs:
Wondrous Love
Far From My Thoughts*
Lord, What a Thoughtless Wretch

As we drove through Ohio, El Guapo called to mind a song from decades ago, and sang it for me. You’ll have to make do with a recording by John Denver. It made us wonder what Toledo could have done to offend him.



*The title of the song is actually “Westford,” the town we left on day one of our trip. It hasn’t been far from our thoughts at all.


[Image: Cleveland.com]

4 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Heartland

  1. How young he looks! When young, you like a bit of excitement, I guess…Glad you two could make your own excitement by singing! Best of luck on the remainder of the trip.

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