The Ugh in mugginess


Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve had some really hot and muggy days in New England, and the impact of the heat has somehow been amplified by our working conditions, equal parts grubbiness, physical clutter and mental fog.

Casting about for something refreshing, I came upon some images I had stored away last winter. The nearly unprecedented cold spell that brought us the frozen pipes that led to the flood at our house also caused some unusual circumstances on the shores of Nantucket Island, waves more slush than swoosh. Here are some amazing photos by Jonathan Nimerfroh.





I’m not sure that looking at waves so cold they’ve turned to slush can actually cool my temperature down, but it can at least distract me. And it reminds me that even heat extremes will pass, and make way for lovely fall weather, on the way to extremes of cold. Maybe by that time I’ll be looking for other visual distractions. Videos of bonfires, perhaps?

You can read more of the article that introduced me to the photos here.

[Images: Weather Channel, Jonathan Nimerfroh at]

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