Art to Share: National Geographic photo contest entries

From entries to a photo contest at National Geographic I’ve selected several unusual pictures to share with you. I didn’t set out with a theme in mind, but looking back over the images I chose, I see some features in common. I guess I was in the mood for mystery.



GOLDEN MORNING, by Weng Sang Wong in Mandalay, Myanmar. “First time visit Mandalay and very lucky, we been to this mountain at early morning and no idea what will happen, SUNRISE from blue sky to red and then an amazing golden sunlight appear.”


IN THE MORNING MIST by Hisanori Manabe in Kameoka, Kyoto, Japan. “It is a pond in the morning after the rain. Oblique light became a beautiful work.”


IT’S JUST ANOTHER DAY by Mike Watson. “During the night, dense fog rises off the Yamuna river and hides the Taj Mahal. At sunrise the marble of the Taj Mahal begins to reflect the growing light, which, filtered by the drifting and dissipating fog reveals the Taj Mahal glowing with increasing beauty. For the people who live nearby it is just another day at the office. For those of us visiting it is a spectacular experience.”



DIFFERENCE by Ivan Pedretti in Höfn, Iceland. ‘Winter in Stokksnes in the beach with black sand and the majestic mountain called Vestrahorn, I like the difference in colors between the white mountains and the black dunes with the yellow grass.”


WINTER SWELL by Dallas Kilponen. “First light on a large winter storm swell at Bronte beach in Sydney, Australia.”


COLORED MOUNTAINS by Stas Bartnikas. “The aerial shot was taken in Altyn Emel National park, Kazakhstan from a small plane.”


SENSUAL SANDS by Nikohl Starr. “Coastal regions of the Namib are frequently enveloped in a thick belt of fog developing offshore from a collision of the cold Benguela Current and warm air from the Hadley Cell. So as the helicopter took off that morning, I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t see much of the coast. As luck would have it, pockets of sun were able to penetrate the dense fog and illuminate the dunes below, casting intense dark shadows. The results were incredibly sensual and complex images that looked otherworldly.”


COORDILLERA by Karsten Hoenack. “Mexico is one of those countries which surprises you around every corner. The beauty is overwhelming and sometimes unbelievably real. Some years ago I flew over this Coordillera and was totally overwhelmed of its beauty. Minutes later Monterrey City appeared. Fantastic how close to a big city such a beautiful landscape can be.”


The hyperlinks in the captions will take you to the contest entries themselves where you can see them in larger format. And there are many, many more interesting photos waiting for you at the contest website.


[Images credited in each caption; hyperlinks give more information.]

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