Inventing new sports

I don’t know how you feel about emojis, either using them or receiving them. Some folks think they’re not the solution they were meant to be. But if you don’t love them in emails or texts, I hope you can at least see how valuable they are as a tool for inventing new sports:



Chock up another win for xkcd. And who’s up for a couple of rounds of multiplayer avocado?


[Images: (teaser: + xkcd]

2 thoughts on “Inventing new sports

  1. Haha 🙂 I’m game! (And it would be a whole ‘nother round of amusing to consider appropriate (or silly) uniforms for these various sports 🙂 Do they involve bibs or plate armor for example? Several would need some serious protective gloves at the very least (such as basketball shredding + owl stuffing…)

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