Himno de Valencia


As Fallas festivities of all kinds continue to intensify in Valencia, I’m reminded of the way that movie makers use soundtracks to get the audience worked up. Over the next week marching bands will bring music to streets broad and narrow, and loudspeakers will blare early and late.

One of the things we’ll be hearing is the Anthem of Valencia, officially called “Himne de l’Exposició,” written for the 1909 Valencian Regional Exhibition. Based on a 16th century anthem, the music is by José Serrano Simeón, lyrics by Maximiliano Thous Orts. I liked this video because it gives me the lyrics in both Valenciano and Castellano, so I can have a little language lesson while I listen.



Brought to you by these two gentlemen:


José Serrano Simeón

José Serrano Simeón composed the anthem’s music.


Maximiliano Thous Orts

Maximiliano Thous Orts wrote the lyrics.


I’m curious: how does this himno compare to similar anthems that you know?



[Images: flickr, Wikipedia, lovevalencia.com]

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