Any way you look at it: Joy to the World

For my last December post I switch from bringing you listening things to bringing you a looking thing–an intriguing piece of art by Scott Kim,* a pioneer in the realm of readable symmetry. His work was brought to my attention by my good friend Jeff Adams, in connection with Look at it this way.† In that post I featured a bunch of ambigrams (from the Latin ambi, both, or on both sides, and the Greek gramma, that which is drawn or written). This is another such, with the added bonus of being a spinny thing.


If you want to examine it in more detail to see just how something can be readable both topsy and turvy, here’s an image that will hold still while you look:


As we nudge up against the new year, I hope that your reflections on the past year provide you with things to savor, and that your glimpses of the coming year show you reasons for hope, and opportunities to help. Let’s make some Joy in the World!


*In addition to designing ambigrams, Scott is a puzzlemaster and game designer, so there are plenty of interesting things to explore at his site,

†That was in the fall of 2015–it took me quite a while to align my intention to post with a corresponding Christmas season–I remembered this year in the (Saint) Nick of time.

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