Art to Share: sand, cold and wind



It’s been near freezing these last mornings along the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, but generally we’ve warmed up nicely each afternoon. With weather swinging between assertive cold and recurring warmth, it seems like a good time to contemplate some great photographs taken along the frozen shores of Lake Michigan one February a few years back.

Photographer Joshua Nowicki captured images of these strange sandcastles on the beach one February morning, though the next day’s sun warmed them into disintegrating. It seems that the little towers formed as wind scoured away frozen sand. Though the processes involved were probably different, these statues suggest a sort of time-lapse version of something that would be at home in Goblin Valley.





Christopher Jobson at Colossal brought these to my attention. More from Joshua Nowicki can be found here.


[Images: Joshua Nowicki]





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