A map of shapely foods

Not long ago I found something featured at My Modern Met that I knew would have to grow up to be a blog post–it was irresistible.

Chris Durso, creator of foodiggity.com (a blog which “may or may not be the greatest food culture site ever”) took an idea from his eight-year-old son, and together they began creating the Foodnited States of America, one pun at a time.

To introduce you to these creations, I’ll use as an organizing principle the travel we did in July to get us from New England to the Rockies. We began in Massachusetts, where we were staying with dear friends. In the Foodnited States, the spelling is different.


We then drove through New York.

We spent some time in Canada, which isn’t featured in this series, but were soon back in the US by way of Michigan.

Next we headed for Indiana,

followed by Illinois,

then Wisconsin (where they’re all about cheese).

Next we drove through Minnesota,

then over to South Dakota,

then Wyoming, which for some reason I can’t find an individual shot of (it’s a slice of rye bread, called Ryeoming), and finally into Utah.


We had a few weeks to recuperate before we headed for the northwest, allowing us to survey Idaho,

and Oregon.

I’ll include Washington here, because we could see it across the Columbia River, and because of all the smoke blowing from that direction due to raging wildfires.


If that doesn’t make you want to go traveling, it probably makes you want to find out about the puns for the rest of the 50 states. Maybe it just makes you hungry (though not all of them are universally appetizing–my sister and her family in Virginia may not be thrilled with their food fate).


These images did invite me to think of reasons to feature other states. Fiddler’s wife Ginger has ties to both Tennessee (where her family has lived for several years) and Alabama (where she served the first part of her LDS mission):


Loquita’s LDS mission is in Arizona (I like the coincidence that she’s a Spanish-speaking missionary, and arroz is the Spanish word for the rice pictured).

We lived in Pennsylvania during graduate school,

and in Connecticut after that.

El Guapo is from California,

and would love to visit Hawaii.


Though I’ve collected quite a few here, there are many I’ve left for you to discover.  Have I missed the state you were born in? Perhaps the place you went to college? Maybe you’ll be inspired by these photographs to pick your next vacation destination. Maybe it will be Oklahoma,


or maybe Maryland.


And maybe it’s time to go make yourself a snack.

There are more food puns at Foodnited States on Instagram, and more to see at foodiggity.  If you want to wear one of these states, that can be arranged.
















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