Lori Notes turns 300

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Today marks a milestone for me–300 posts published over roughly 40 months. Each time I click the “publish” button I’m hoping that the post I’ve written will find its way to readers who will enjoy, learn, engage, and maybe laugh with me.* 300 seems like a big number, and I feel like celebrating. Join me? And please, invite your friends!†

What have I been up to since post number 200? I’ve written about a wide range of things, from why planes get grounded if it’s too hot to efforts to map the brain’s networks of word meanings. I’ve talked about Easter preparations on two ends of Europe, and about Hamburg in the round. I’ve feature works by Eric Whitaker and Wendell Berry. Below you’ll find a collection of posts from various categories, including some music, some travails, some art, a game and a recipe.

For previous milestones, there’s Lori Notes turns 100 and Lori Notes turns 200. If you’re new here, I hope you’ll take a look at them as well. Beyond these collections, head down to the archive by month at the bottom of the page, explore recent posts or browse by subject in the tag cloud to the right.


Art to Share: Warren Keelan


So very agley


And I quote: Voltaire


Learn from my mistakes



O Magnum Mysterium, by Morten Lauridsen


Cook, Baker, Package Opener


Patron does not exist.


The Great Language Game


Ring Theory: Comfort IN, Dump OUT.


Absolute temperature


And I quote: Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt


When projects collide


The autocomplete truth


January Man, by Christy Moore


With this choice, I thee forfeit


When we got there, Denmark was closed.



[Image source information in the the individual posts]


*I’d love to hear about how you think I’m doing in that project. If you’ve got ideas you want to suggest for something that might feature in the next 100 posts, please let me know. Comment here, or email me at noteslori [at] gmail, and share your thoughts.

†Wordpress shows me a map of where readers are reading the blog, and it’s intriguing to me when someone shows up from a country that’s far from my own experience. So if you’ve got friends in Africa, invite them–I’ve only got readers in a few countries on that continent. Also, who do you know in some of the ‘stans? Kazakhstan? Uzbekistan? Turkmenistan? Tajikistan? Send them my way. So far I’ve had no one from Mongolia either. I don’t think I’ll ever get to visit every country in the world, but it would be so great if someone from every country in the world would come visit me. Of course, I’d be thrilled if you invited friends from down the street or down the hall. I’m happy to be making notes and sharing them with anyone who wants to take a look.


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