A biting welcome home


After lots of packing, apartment cleaning, repacking, waiting in lines, security checks, customs inspections, and fasten-seatbelt signs, we’re finally in New England again. We’ve left behind the more arid landscape of Valencia* and are back in a world where what amounts to a temperate jungle is doing its best to spread everywhere. Ninja maintains that it even smells green. It certain looks green, in almost every direction we can see.



We haven’t gone out hiking in the woods, but even so, within a couple of days of our arrival, I managed to pick up a passenger–a tick had attached itself to my ankle. It wasn’t the kind that carries lyme disease, and it wasn’t hard to remove (I’d just been in a hot tub, so I assume it was either nearly drowned, nearly boiled or so relaxed it forgot about hanging on tightly), but it reminded me that when you’ve got something as beautiful as the forests of New England, life has a way of nominating a hazard, just so that the cosmic balance doesn’t get knocked off kilter.


After that first bite, I’m probably not in much danger of a second in the near term. We’ll be on the road tomorrow, headed for the Rocky Mountains and yet another climate region. There are beauties abounding out there, as well, so we’ll keep an eye out for whatever provides the area with its own cosmic balance. Westward Ho!


If poison ivy were a cash crop, we could retire. We won’t be missing this one.

*The parts of Valencia we see most of have lots of trees and bushes of many kinds, but in general they were planted there on purpose, and there’s some sort of ongoing human-assisted irrigation involved–sometimes sprinklers, but also elaborate networks of permanently installed hoses forming lattices around the plants. In our part of New England, unless you work in opposition, the green just keeps on greening.



[Images: yours truly]




2 thoughts on “A biting welcome home

  1. So glad you’re back in the U.S., and yes, the ticks and poison ivy do keep us humble. The green is amazing, though, isn’t it? A reminder of all the rain we get. Can’t believe you are off again so soon!

  2. This season we’re lighting down for an even shorter time than usual. But we’re so glad we were able to soak in the New England flavor!

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