World records

Did you spend much time perusing the Guinness Book of World Records as a child? I think there was a copy in our school library that tended to distract us from whatever we were supposed to be doing. It’s been decades since I last looked at it, but I remember entries for the shortest person, the tallest person, and the person with the smallest waist measurement.

It turns out that there are any number of world records I had never thought were busy inspiring ambitions. The latest effort to come to my attention is a group trying to set the record for the most people gathered dressed up like Frida Kahlo.

I wonder if this record belongs to a category of “gatherings of people dressed to look like other people.” There’s probably a record for most Elvis impersonators in a single spot, at the very least. Who else, I wonder?

What world record would you secretly want to challenge?


[Images:, Reina Rebelde]






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