Up a tree, the movie

A couple of weeks ago I published a little trailer for El Guapo’s “Climb 57 Trees” project, and today I’ve got the full-length (< 4 min) video. If you missed the preview and want 13 seconds’ worth of warm-up, here it is:


In addition to being a climber of trees, El Guapo is an experimenter with video, and this project gave him a chance not only to climb a lot but to showcase a bunch of interesting special effects.

And now, for our Feature Presentation:


El Guapo has been climbing trees for decades, and is pretty good at it. I was interested to hear him say that an afternoon of concentrated effort led to some measurable improvement in his skills (plus no serious injuries). Nice!


2 thoughts on “Up a tree, the movie

  1. Fantastic! Not many 57 year olds (or any age) could do that! I know about those dangerous tripods–they bite!

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