Up a tree

Our family likes to get up into trees when we can. Some of us are quite dedicated, as you’ll see in this preview of El Guapo’s latest tree-climbing extravaganza:


That’s right–one afternoon in May, El Guapo climbed 57 trees in a row (the trees weren’t all in a row, but the climbs were). He came away with various scratches on his arms and legs, a hole in the back of his t-shirt, and video of the whole thing. The expedition took around four hours, but it will only take you about six minutes to see the highlights video. Final touches are being applied. Watch this space.

[Images: El Guapo]




2 thoughts on “Up a tree

  1. Oh my goodness, can’t wait to see that video! His parents must have had quite a time with him when he was a child. I also live with a hyperactive man, so know what that’s all about…

  2. You’re married to a “crazy” man, you know. You do know that, don’t you?? Still, it’s very impressive. Hope he didn’t get his beard and hair caught on branches too many times.
    Love you all, MOM
    P.S. He does look like a very distinguished Spaniard. Very handsome!

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